Sunday 24 July 2011

Roman Transport (set 1) (Linear-B)

,,,,with minor conversions and a different paint job turned into medieval transport set 1. :-D
The whole unwashed mob together.
The bod at the front was wearing "femina" so I cut the bottoms off flush with his ankles and he´s now got leggings. The bod directly behind him,drinking, I cut the bottom off his "amphor" and one of the handles to make it into a flat bottomed jug. I also advise cutting of the pegs that are meant to hold the baggage and using glue to attach them. It´s very difficult to align the holes, one of which was quite small (or the peg was too big)
The cart got a bit more attention. Cut in half, two metal rods welded to the bottom, wheels from the Airfix waterloo french artillery set, yolk from some copperwire and donkey cart.
With the Bodettes the only bit of alteration was the cutting off the bottom of the amphor held by the "prostitute"
Benny and Buddy...?....they have got a bit of a holiday until I can find a suitable thing for them to pull.
Welcome to Harry Goaz from Pinecone Stew his own words, Can act. Can ride a unicycle. Can make toast, but I´ll add to that list with , can take some great photos . One question... Harry Goaz from twin peaks??