Saturday 11 February 2012

Khandibarian Infantry

Well, the 1st half of them....
Stands made up using Esci Muslim Warriors, Hat Dervish Warriors, and Caesar Arab Camel Riders and Bedouin.

Many many thanks to Paul, proud owner of The man Cave blog, for creating a  La Figoblogotheque best blog Finalist badge which, seeing as I dropped out, I don´t think I deserve, but it was a great idea and a wonderfull thought, cheers mate :-D
Who else was in the Final? Saxon Dog and Tiny solitary soldiers blogs.   
Congratulations on coming top, to  Fran  of the  Angry Lurker   Blog. 
The best french language blog was won by Pousse plomb
The best other language Blog was Wargaming historyczno-fantastyczny 
PS..I´ve said it a couple of times already, but if you aren´t on the blog roll at   La Figoblogotheque then drop along and register.