Friday 8 July 2011

The Big Bang 2

Ok...the last attempt was a failure. Not only did T.Ompkins land messers Bodkin and Bodger with a large medical bill..but the suit of armour was very expensive to replace.
Anyway...after a bit of thinking a new delivery method for the IIII has been found. Ye Olde Teeterboard

After three months of hospital treatment, T.Ompkins Stands ready to test launch the IIII. Everything has been calculated down to the last detail. An extra long fuse has been added in order to compensate for the flying time (and to please the Ye olde Health and safety) .

So....3....2....1...he jumps and.....
What the!!!!??....

DAMM!!!! Another costly hospital bill and a health and safety report to fill out!!!! I triplicate!!!!