Sunday 30 October 2011

Norman Cavalry on the March (Strelets)

The last of the Strelets Normans range..except for this set. Not only is the set rare and costs a small fortune (about 3X´s the price of a "not rare" set) but the style and level of sculpting is way below the standard of the rest of the range.

Both sets grouped together
The non-action bods mounted on the calmer looking nags from both sets...this splits the sets into 10 actually marching and 14 charging (in Battle)
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Friday 28 October 2011

Norman Army before battle

Another addition to the Norman army...the Strelets Norman army before battle,  but they could equally be "after batttle"...some of the shields have cut marks on them. A few of the bods from the Normans on the march set fit alongside this lot perfectly. As usual..I´ve stuck to the red/white colour scheme for the shield patterns .

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Macedonian cavalry

From HaT and Zvezda,,both sets fit pretty well together. 
The "boy wonder"

Monday 24 October 2011

Medieval "picnic"

"If you go down to the wood today you´re in for a big suprise!"..because..Sir Hugh Jarse´s boys have set up a drinking den. An earlier version of the medieval drunks from Valdemar but this lot are sitting around and planning which poor peasant they can beat up and rob next.

I´ll add some cups, plates etc when I find them

Saturday 22 October 2011

Trebuchet - Mini History

Made from resin, produced by Mini history and it came with the problems that large resin kits can bring..more later. 
The machine, when finally built is an impressive beast....large and being made from resin..heavy. 
I´m not too sure wether it would actually, if it were real, be able to fire. The winding gear appears to be in a bit of an odd position. It  looks as though it would be smashed by the stone being  launched.!!
I created the "firingpin" myself..wether it´s correct..??..  I´ve added a bit of mattgloss  to represent oil that was used to reduce friction as the sack with the stone slid along the running board

Now the Problems
The wheel for the winding gear had very thin pins one of which broke off straight away so i replaced the whole thing with a section of pen, which I filled with green stuff and then pushed a copper rod through the middle. One side of the device was quite  bent and when I used hot water to try and straighten it up, the support holding the winding gear axle..snapped!! 
The axle supplied was way too weak and I didn´t even attempt to use went in the bin with the winding gear.

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Thursday 20 October 2011

Medieval drunks (painted)

This has to be one of my favourite sets....the poses, the faces..all good the set virtually paints its self.
I´ve painted the most of them up in the colours of Sir Hugh Jarse 
Many thanks to Jens from Valdemar Miniatures for sending me this set :-D

The "I´ll tell ya..", "Olay Olay olay O-lay O-lay !!" and "you´re my best mate" bods
The party in full swing..but wait!!!! One is missing!!!
OH..there he is :-D
The whole Party !!!!!

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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Burgundian Army (foot)

The footsloggers are finished....:-D Army made, so far, from Zvezda, Redbox, Caeser, Miniart, Revell and Orion bods.
The bod at the back has pinched a mace from the Zvezda french infantry set.

and now the whole army sans cavalry 

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Sunday 16 October 2011

Burgundian Command 20mm

I´ve finally got back to creating my Impetus Burgundian Army. This command unit is made using bods from the  Caesar European Knights, 15th Century, The standard bearer is  the bottom half of a crossbowman from Zvezdas French Infantry of the Hundred Years War and the top half from a Zvezda French knight
The guard (left of pic) has aquired a billhook from one of the Miniart sets. 

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Friday 14 October 2011

Strelets Normans

Basically these could be called Normans in battle but they are just listed as Normans  
 I´ve kept up the red and white shield pattern scheme. I like these much better than the Revell Normans, who seem a bit really.

I don´t usually like embossed shield patterns but these ones are quite nice.
There´s a lot of different styles of "protective" clothing in the set…
....including a rather snazzy studded leather coat…
Here´s a good one...for shield decals and Flags /banners in 1/72nd or 28mm look at Schildschmied 
And if you are hunting for minis on E-bay..look here 

Wednesday 12 October 2011


A new set from Alex, combining some single sculpts that never made it into other sets. As the titel suggests one, the younger kneling bod is getting a knighthood from the old veteran knight.

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Monday 10 October 2011

Strelets Mamelukes

Exactly which unit these are or which exact period I don´t really know ..which gave me a bit of free range on the colours..:-D Nice set...the horses have some  great detail and they all, bods and nags  look like they are involved in a charge..Very little flash to deal with and the detail is very good. I´ll have to get them based up..
The boss, who I have nicknamed  Sumbhajee Angria (and so, we shall go to war!! )
I gave them a general colour scheme..I suppose they are after all one unit. The bod in green, second from the left, his sabre broke off during the shoot.  :-(´s repairable :-D
Close up of Sumbhajee, standard bearer and next to them, two chainmail wearing bods..the one with the lance carries a bow and quiver...

Saturday 8 October 2011

Strelets Norman Knights

Another addition to my red and white norman army...the knights set from strelets
Some of the horses look a bit sedate for a group of cavalry charging or in battle so they will get swopped for ones from the Norman cavalry on the march 

Lances swopped for florist wire

Thursday 6 October 2011

Medieval Bombard 2a

The Mainly Military Bombard  with crew added.
The Man voted "most likely to go deaf"