Saturday 26 April 2014

Roman Farmers - Linear-B

14 bods, 11 of them males and two mules and two oxen.
Boss man and two workers.
A Close representation of a small Roman Hand mill.

Females collecting Grapes and wheat.
Wheat cutters and thrashers. This lot will also make good rioters or additions to Spartacus´s mob.
On his way to market..or on the way back?
Oxen and Aratrum. Wether this Looks like the type of plough that would have been used in Roman times I cannot discover. It´s a bit difficult to put together, the handles of the plough don´t fir exactly into the bods Hands but with a bit of bending it does work. The Oxen come with the usual rings on thier backs for attaching the yolk, but I´ve made my own yolk. .

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Croebern - Möckern

On Saturday the 12th there was a preview of the Exhibition of the Croebern and Möckern dios at the Schmucker Jäger Hotel in Hann-Munden but due to work, I´ve only just got around to  setting up this post.

The Pictures really don´t do the dios justice, they cover a massive area and are impressive not only due to the size but the Detail. Truly awe inspiring!!! I took quite a lot of pics, too many to put up here, so here´s a selection.

This pic, compared to the above photo, (bottom right Hand Corner) gives some idea of how big the dios are.
A couple of Detail pics. 

What´s this...??? Another dio!!? :-D The pic in the Background is a clue ;-D 
The town is pretty amazing as well. Parts of the town walls are still Standing and virtually all of it is old timber framed houses, dating back to the 15th Cent. Unfortunately we didn´t have enough time to properly  look around  (didn´t get any pics of the  town hall) but here´s a couple of pics anyway.

Up on the hill, overlooking Munden is the Tillyschanze, an observation tower built from 1881 to 1885 by citizens of the town to remember the siege of the town by Count Tilly in 1626.
The timber framing !!!! Sagged a bit eh?
A lot of the buildings are over 600 years old!!! (this sign says the building was built around 1400 and renovated in 1590)
 The Rathaus (Town hall) Pic from Wikipedia.
Worth another visit I think :-D
For anyone interested in seeing the dio and town, here´s a link to the Hotel where the  dio will be exhibited. Schmucker Jäger Hotel. Info for the date of the official opening of the dio can be found HERE

Saturday 12 April 2014

Wargs (Light) Dark Alliance

The light wargs set from Dark Alliance.
The wargs are the same size and poses as the heavy wargs set, but the riders are less well armoured.
All 12 poses. Again, as with the heavy wargs, I´ve used the "hot water" method and altered some of the wargs poses. 
Commander and Standard bearer

Saturday 5 April 2014

Wargs (Heavy) Dark Alliance

 "Send out your Warg Riders!!"  
Finally the Army of the Underworld gets some "cavalry"
12  Orc poses and 12 wargs in 6 different poses and virtually no flash or mold lines.
Command and Standard bearer

The poses are really active, especially the Wargs.
The wargs are my favourite part of the set...the faces are great.

One way of getting slightly different look to the wargs, put them in boiling water for a minute or two then gently bend thier necks (use tweezers to get them out of the hot water and put them in a cloth when bending..we don´t want any scolded fingers!)

For those who collect / wargame with 1/72nd this site:

And Much More great fun.