Thursday 13 August 2020

Medieval slingers

I´ve already  made a couple of medieval slingers  using the  fustibalus Staff sling HERE.
They were unarmoured and due to using staff slings they carry no shields whilst using the slings.
Anyway, for a while I´ve  wanted some more medieval slingers using shepards Slings and with headswops,  the Norman Light slingers from Tumbling Dice fill my wish.
Swords and shields added from the bits box

Did medieval shepard slingers use shields?
A couple of pics from  the twelth century  Liber ad honorem Augusti sive de rebus Siculis ("Book in honour of the Emperor, or on Sicilian affairs"; also called Carmen de motibus Siculis, "Poem on the Sicilian revolt") showing slingers with shields.
Also..a bit later, a soldier using sling with a shield on a 15th century painting of the  Battle of Nájera
Loads more contemporary pics of slingers, with and without shields HERE
HERE it´s shown that a shield and sling can be used in combination