Thursday 20 October 2011

Medieval drunks (painted)

This has to be one of my favourite sets....the poses, the faces..all good the set virtually paints its self.
I´ve painted the most of them up in the colours of Sir Hugh Jarse 
Many thanks to Jens from Valdemar Miniatures for sending me this set :-D

The "I´ll tell ya..", "Olay Olay olay O-lay O-lay !!" and "you´re my best mate" bods
The party in full swing..but wait!!!! One is missing!!!
OH..there he is :-D
The whole Party !!!!!

Hello to Simon,,thanks for following :-D
Hello to Markus Schenk from The Dice warrior blog  He´s only just entered the world of blogging but his first post is a big one...The Pyhruss battle dio in 1/72nd from this years DuZi