Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Medieval Philosophers and Thinkers

A set of  "men discussing" created by Alex. Available from Fredericus-rex.
They aren´t supposed to be Philosophers or whatever, but I´ve dug about on the web and found some names,  that fit (more or less and just for a bit of fun) to the bods.
The whole gaggle of "wisemen" together. 
John of Głogów (ca. 1445 – 1507) with a couple of his pupils (maybe Copernicus is one of them ) at the University of Krakow
On the right, William of Moerbeke  (1215–c.1286) having a heated discussion with his friend Witelo (c.1230 -1280/?) about  Platonic metaphysics.
"NO!! In the book!! Not up there!!" William of Ockham (c. 1288 – c. 1348) in a bit of a row with one of the locals
John Duns Scotus  (c. 1266 - 1308) discussing Lombard´s  sentences with the  philosopher Radulphus Brito (1270 - 1305)
As always, the faces are excellent and great fun to paint.

Hello to Ross Karnes and Aleksander Gawronski from G+
and Sébastien from spirit-lotr86 blog. His scratchbuilt Ruines d'Osgiliath is a lovely piece of work and well worth a look.