Friday 3 June 2011

Wargaming bases

I have based all my bods on single bases made using discs cut out of Ikea place matts. This was mainly because I wanted to be able to mix and match them  as I wanted and I didn´t intend to have so many for wargaming, just a few for skirmish type fights.
The numbers have grown though and as I´ve recently started making a Burgundian army for Impetus rules I thought I should base all the others for the same rules..but this would have meant rebasing a couple of hundred bods and nags so I came up with this;
The materials, sand, thin wooden sheet,  underfloor insulation sheeting and wood glue
Cut holes in the insulationfoam, glue to the woodenbase, this one will be for a cavalry base.
Smear woodglue over the top surface of the foam, turn upsidedown and push into the sand.
After drying, paint and decorate
Airfix Sherrif of Nottinghams cavalry
Infantry bases with Zvezda, Italeri, Revell and  Airfix bods
To create a defensive position , square or whatever, the position of the bods can be altered :-D