Saturday 13 October 2012

Medieval artillery (New)

The master of artillery is looking pleased..and so he should be, he´s just recieved a delivery of 4 new weapons! Not yet based, I´ve still to find a create the  crews.
All these are made from Resin and lasercut parts and are from Fredericus-rex.
Pot-de-Fer, (Iron Pot)  First described in 1326. This was more a shock and awe weapon than anything really effective. A large iron or sometimes bronze pot used for firing large arrows (Garrets) to a range of 180 meters..

Veuglaire (Fowler) A generic name, these came in loads of different designs and were usually breech loaders. Unlike the Zvezda one, this is a stationary one, weighed down with stones to counteract the recoil. This version has a removable bar (at the back) which can be moved up or down the holes in he post to alter the angle of fire.
Bombards. Again these came in a wide range of designs and sizes. Mainly muzzle loaded, some of the larger ones had a removable rear chamber which in some cases was attached with a screw thread, like the Great Turkish or Dardanelles Bombard.
Here, the biggest bombard alongside a Perry 28mm..doesn´t look to out of place as a piece of field artillery.

Hello to Comrade commissar fromthe  Fear Bunker Blog.  Another new blogger and a great painter of 20 and 28mm bods. His WWI german inf are very good.

I´ve had to put the moderation function  on the Bodstonia Blog in order to filter out some vary odd spam comments. The blog seems to attract some very strange traffic...might have something to do with people googling for 18th century womens undergarments.