Saturday 4 July 2015

Medieval Street (Pt 3)

Another two additions
The middle house is based on a real life one (but I forgot which one and I´d also  deleted the pic  found on the web...doh!!)
The one on the far left is made up.
The Housing block so far. Another 8 or so to go to complete the square.
Some of the previous buildings (from the first attempt) are undergoing a make this one.
Printed Roofing removed, cut out tiles/shingles added
Stonework on the bottom floor removed and replaced with timberframe effect.
Dragon beam Ends and dragon Posts added.
Chimney added.
Making the tiles is driving me crazy!!!
One small Roof at 10 cm´s width (most of them in the Group shot are  13cm´s wide, the one with the "tunnel" is 10cm´s wide)
For one Strip with a tile every 1/2cm = 38 snips.(it takes 2 snips to create the small inverted triangles between each tile) .
Then each Roof has an average of 9 strips to get to the top...= 340+ snips for one side..= 680 for both sides!!!!  900+ for a 13 cm wide Roof!!!
For the ones pictured above, roughly 7000 snips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still..IMHO they look better than the printed Versions. :-D