Thursday 19 July 2012

Tonnelon (Scratchbuilt)

Another scratchbuild..this time a Tonnelon. It was apparently used in the 12th century and the name means Little barrel, because empty wine barrels were used to make the gondolas.
The idea was to use the front gondola to get above an enemy wall and shoot into the areas behind..the second gondola was for another archer /crossbowman to provide covering fire.
It was a real device..honest!!! . The only actual link I´ve found with an explantion is in German or French...HERE
The main construction, platform and wheels, are made from card and Balsawood. The masts are old paintbrushes cut down to purpose. The barrels, plastic bottle tops..the type that come from those pump spray bottles. Simply scratch the surface with sandpaper and glue on the strips of card using silicon.
Just visible underneath the platform is a big brass washer which acts as a counter balance. The construction for the barrely involved using plastic bottle caps, which when the cardboard planking effects were added it made them heavy. I suppose in real life the platform would be heavy enough.
Wnding gear from florists wire.
The hinges for the front barrel and the roller for the rope on the "mast" were made using the inner from a biro (proving usefull ) Slightly heat one end and then pressed against a flat surface, it flattens out. For the roller, both ends.
Hello to Brian from  Lead Legion blog. Brian does a mini painting service and avery nice job he does too.