Thursday 18 August 2011

Federation Force Troopers (Dark Dream studios)

The only thing I´ve found that comes close to a review of this lot is at Toy Soldier HQ (scroll down), PSR haven´t covered them...yet :-D
A big thankyou to Alex for sending me these weird and wonderfull bods :-D 
I´ve also got the machines but so far have only managed to work out how one of them fits together. If anyone knows where I can find the build instructions, especially for the Imperial Force Cyborg Destroyer "Long Shadow" I´d be very gratefull.
Rifle group
Heavy weapons. From left to right, MG, some sort of ray gun, missile launcher, grenade launcher
The whole team in the ruins of @°§*'! (sorry, the alien for this place doesn´t translate) backed up with my scratch built A.P.U

Hello to Sasha (Zed1) from Zed´s Napoleonics blog Sasha is into Napoleonics...and a great job he does of them...some of his conversions are inspirational...he even paints their eyes!!!
Hello to Haarken from Martians & and Machine Guns blog .Colonial & Science Fiction Wargaming in the Victorian Age, very HG Wells, his Martian Tripods are lovely.
Hello to Smillie from Painting Diary Blog. A great painter with a sense of humour...his lateset post about PVA gold is well worth a read...I agree entirely with it..
Hello to Andrew. I´ve found you on Google + but no blog??