Wednesday 29 June 2011

Odd bod poses ( Number 1 )

There have been  some odd poses released in sets over the years like this one from the Airfix  World War II German Infantry (type 2)
.....97....98....99....100!! Coming, ready or not!!

To answer a question..."how do I produce so much?"...the answer is..I´ve got a troop of elves. They come out at night, paint etc and in return I give them shoes. Cobblers!I hear you shout, but no..I didn´t say I made them.. There was a sale on at the local toy shop...and seeing as Elf feet are similar in size to barbies. Quite amusing seeing elves tottering about in high heels.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Medieval village ( expansion )

A bit more of the green belt has been taken up.
I´ve added a river and called it the "River Fome" because there are no fish ( Fome in Portuguese means Hungry ) and the Village will be called Styrow...because it started as a row of pig farmers houses...who had.....pigstys.
The full name as written down in the Boomsday book  (there was a lot of thunder at the time) is the Village of Styrow on the Fome. 
The Gaol house
Stables with well
Another house
Bridge over the troubled waters of the Fome
Rear entrance  ( no sniggering at the back!!  ) to the gaol house

Monday 27 June 2011

North American Native

This is a Hong Kong no name 1/72nd copy of the Airfix 1/32nd set....
WHY OH WHY didn´t they make all the sets and all the poses  in both sizes!!!!????
This guy is painted up in the classic Karl May style. 

Sunday 26 June 2011

Medieval Market traders, A lady and a Prostitute

All 4 from valdemars civilian set number one.
I´ve decided to have some sundays off from posting...nothing to do with a lack of bods and stuff...just that I´m getting very badly behind in visiting other I´ll devote some more time on sundays to that...:-D
Hell to Sean.....another whose Google friends connect isn´t set up to link back on.

Friday 24 June 2011

Medieval Levy 1 (Strelets)

The first set of Medieval hired thugs, the second set here. This time they aren´t mainly armed with spears but with all sorts of nasty looking clubs and axes. PSR rates them as pretty average which is pretty accurate IMHO..though not a bad set. I´ve made a couple of alterations, the two with shields have had them replaced with printed ones, I used a homemade halberd instead of the one supplied and the guy swinging an axe has now got a flail from the Miniart hussites set.
All twelve poses with the minor alterations
One of my favourite bods from the set. You need to carfully cut the halberd away from his helmet and slightly bend his arms away from his line of sight, the pose is very unnatural otherwise.
My favourite from set 2....that padded coat!!
IMHO, the best bod in both sets....the face, the pose...great..and he must be a well hard guy.......
...............cos he dares to carry a shoulder bag :-
Both sets together.

Hello to Legatus Hedlius.He has 5 blogs..but I must admit that my favourite is Cavegirl Wargaming, simply becuase he is very inventive with creating the cavegirl world and it´s monsters etc, and nothing to do with the "undressed" condition of some of the cavegirls.......................honest :-D

Thursday 23 June 2011

Perry 28mm Medievals

Wonderfull bods these...I really like the look of  them...the fun bit being the multi-parts allowing seemingly endless combinatios of heads, arms and weapons. I haven´t decided yet how I´m going to base them yet.
They are all suitably dressed and equiped for the WotR period...but I won´t paint them up in any of the liveries used at the time for a couple of rasons. I like the look of "generic" medieval armies...the possible mix of colours and styles...this will also allow me to add bods from other manufacturers and I got away from painting ancients becuase of the "uniformity"...particually the romans...although I love the look of a full legion..


Tuesday 21 June 2011

Georgi and the dragon

Georgi??? Well they are Russian peasants....;-D  Figures by Alex
It was a sunny day...and Georgi got into the spirit of it all.....
....but when he got home.......
....he would have to explain it all to the  "dragon" :-D
"oh no....not again...what do I say?"
"NO excuses!!!! This time he´s going to get it!!"

Sunday 19 June 2011

Saturday 18 June 2011

Two Towers

Both these little 1/72nd scale master pieces are from Fredericus - rex who are now the main suppliers of Valdemar bods.
The wall, stairs,  tower etc are all seperate pieces

Friday 17 June 2011


Poor Percival has sprained his knee :-D Bods from Valdemar
Hello to Michael from Angel Barracks He sells 6mm bods, buildings, nags...everything.  I have a lot of respect for those in the hobby that paint 6mm and I can highly recommend going and having a look at this site. The houses!!!!! The "snake fence"!!!!! The chuckwagon..which comes in 3 parts!!!! Incredible!!

Thursday 16 June 2011

Carpentum (odemars)

Carpentum!? What the heck is that? A wagon basically,,The PSR review answers it better than I can, so I´ll stop the scribbling and put up the pics
The roof supplied was way to fiddly and small so I made my own from guess what?? Green floor insulation with some braided copper wire around the edge :-D
The very first and the very last time I "dipped" anything in any sort of clever and expensive shader. The nags look too glossy and no...I won´t use dullcoat. It´s a reminder for myself to either paint properly the first time or not at all.
OOPS!! Watch looks as if mother in law´s come for the ride !!
Hello to Kevin Howroyd. Kevin  paints and games in a range of scales and periods. His Jacobites are lovely!!! He even has his own games room..the lucky ***** :-D
Oh...sorry,  his blog...Kevs Wargames Cabin

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Medieval Baggage (2)

Another bit of the baggage train fnished :-D Makes involved?? Bods, Zvezda, Minart, Redbox, Airfix, Orion and Strelets. Mules...Airfix, Atlantic (Nexus) Artminiaturen. Oxen, Finescale facotry. Dog...Airfix.
Cart with tents (?)
Mule train
The whole lot so far :-D
A couple more wagons... ( a medicus one etc ), an oxen team for pulling heavy equipment and some civilian carts and it will be finished