Friday 20 December 2013

Forum Romanum

Roman Forum, the central area of the city around which  life revolved. Here was where commerce, business, prostitution, religion and the administration of justice took place.

A place to  stroll, looking at what latest fashions are being worn..........
...or discuss (sometimes loudly) the politics of the day.
The water well is made with high density insulation foam and the face of a Lioness from the Atlantic Gladiators and Christians set.  The water is made from a Piece of CD casing which is then smeared with Pattex100 gel. The trickle of water is made from Pattex 100 gel
Recently I got an amazing comment concerning an earlier post, Simon Langton and John FitzRobert, two of the suretees to the Magna carter,  from his descendant Joel langton. He and his Father run a Website about the Langtons called the Lost Langtons. It´s a pretty amazing bit of Research work and well worth a look.