Sunday 7 October 2012

Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army (conversions)

A busy weekend over and done with..nearly. There´s loads of pics of the meeting in Heiden over at the Bennos Forum HERE. I´ll add mine to the thread later. It was great fun, loads of old friends and new..loads of brilliant work to look at and I´ve brought a lot home with me :-D

Anyway..back to the bods...
Some sets just lend themselves to conversions and this, along with the Airfix Robinhood set are one of them. So far, unless I´ve missed a few, I´ve managed to get 30 conversions from a set of 12 poses.
The Airfix Robinhood set, (Not all the conversions but a lot are HERE)  with 14 poses is a similar type of set, loads of scope for conversions..from that one I´ve created about 25 new bods.
There never seems to be an end to the new poses you can create from this set..and I only realised how many while recently looking at my collection, so I thought I would bring them all together in one post.
All the poses in the set, unconverted
Arm swops, and a body / leg swop.
All the same pose.
Pose on the right original. The one on the left has had his right arm replaced with one from the Zvezda English infantry of the 100yrs war set.
Body,  arm and weapon swops.

Also very usefull for non-combat roles, such as guides for carts...............
.....................and working.............

............. Or just at play.....
....and in death like the "hanged man" HERE. Again..I´m linking from here rather than put up the pics without giving anyone  a choice not to look.