Wednesday 19 December 2018

ACW Wounded and Messengers

Messengers.? Do I really Need them? It might come to a Point where the games will require them but until then...Why not ?
For the confederates and from the Strelets Confederate Command set, the bod representing  , Major John Pelham. any Point, the Project allows for horse artillery, he will be reinstated to his former role.
Luckily, the Strelets Union General Staff set has an ADC who fits the Job as Messenger

The  wounded and dead from the Strelets ACW range. I haven´t painted the bases the old School green yet and nor have I done any blood effects. They are toy soldiers made from plastic...and don´t  contain any blood.......

Pickett´s Charge 1. One casualty. Obviously the Regiment he belongs to  is having a good far.
Pickett´s Charge 2. Not doing so bad with three casualties but still not as bad as the....
...US Troops in attack (2) with 5 men down! 
US Troops in Attack 1. 
Obviously they could all be painted up as either Confederate or Union bods. Less obvious, unless for a dio..what could they be used for? Casualty markers perhaps. Me, I´d have preferred more actual marching, charging poses..the casualty bods could have been produced as a set seperately.