Saturday 9 April 2011

Hypaspists ( Hat )

Good word that, Hypaspist, as monty python would have said, "A tinny word, not a woody one" 
Try saying it when you are drunk! Mind you, I would never be able to say the greek word for them - Ὑπασπιστἠς wether I was drunk or sober :-D 
If you want to know more about these guys look here
Hello to Misha Gericke. Misha is writing her first book, the progress can be seen on her Blog, appropiately titeled, My First Book.
Hello to Jeffrey Beasler. Jeffrey is a scribe and published author who in his own words, working to entertain and maybe even informing a willing audience. This he does at his Blog, Jeffrey Beaslers World of the Scribe.
Hello to Cole Garret. Cole is another Author, who posts little informational pieces done with a sense of dry humour  on his Blog, Dry Humour Daily.