Friday 25 October 2013

Dead and dying (Bannockburn)

As with the last lot of "battlefield scatter" I´m not sticking to using just Strelets bods.
Removing the injured from the field. Both are from Strelets Army of Henry V set
Injured horse thrashing about as it tries to stand up. The nag is from Strelets The Scottish Army of Wallace. All of the nags in the set are oversized,  lanky looking beasts and look bad stood up but ok for dead and dying
Delivering the "mercy blow"

Yesterday I recieved the Cröbern 1813, the battle of the nations  book.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hardback, 200 pages, a great read, loads of info, loads of pics (there´s 249 of the dio itsself) and well worth getting hold of,  which you can do so from here; History, Die Welt in Miniaturen.
A couple of pics from  the book.

Double page pic of Bianchi´s Division.
Pictures of the Austrian pioneers and the church.

For me it was great seeing the Pioneers.......
.....and the austrian cavalry that me and Peter painted,  actually in place on the dio. Just think, in the above pics there is 394 cavalrymen, a mere handfull in comparison to the numbers of bods actually on the entire dio.