Saturday 1 September 2018

Confederate Infantry Standing - Strelets

Another Regiment for the ACW Project, this time for the C.S.A.
Discounting the Bonus bod, a Streltsi, 21 poses.  Three aren´t much use in the regimental line up,  the camera man and two "Generals"  which means two repeat poses have to be drafted in the make up the regulation 20 bods per Regiment.
The thing I really like about these bods, the Minimalist Details. No hundreds of Buttons to paint, the sculpts have just enough detail to look the part and it doesn´t require  "professional level" painting skills to produce a decent looking bunch for the wargames table.
Not only that,  my set had ZERO Flash that needed removing!!!!
The Flag is the 16th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry.
It´s not due to the angle of the pic, the bods are genuinley different heights, just like in real life.
The camera man OOB,  looks away from the direction his  camera is facing but a quick neck twist and he faces the right way.
The two Generals are reckoned to be representations of Robert E Lee and  James Longstreet.
A bit of fun with the "spare" bods
The Generals line up for Phil the photographer