Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy new year 2017

Here´s hoping 2017 is a less hectic across the world than 2016....
A bit of a Review of  production in 2016
Approximately  360 bods, 124 nags (with and without Mounted bods) and 9 carts.
12 bods   woodland Indians Tecumseh                                                      
6 bods Hussite Camp 1  - Footfolk/workers (Pt 1)                                     
8 bods Hussite Camp 2 - Footfolk/ workers (Pt 2)                                        
6 bods and 8 nags    Hussite Camp 3 - Medieval horse Care                                    
1 bod, 2 wagons and 8 nags    - Hussite Camp 4 - Wagons                            
seated Knights                                                                                             
12 American Militia in Winter Dress 1812                                                    
3 bods and a cart - Medieval Camp followers - Finished                               
10 bods and 10 nags - European Mounted Men-at-Arms                               
12 bods and 12 nags - airfix US Cavalry -                                                   
4 riderless wargs                                                                                         
Airfix CSA Cavalry                                                                                    
1 bod and 7 mounted -  Crested Knights                                                     
5 bods, 2 wagons, 3 mules, a cow and a Bullock                                        
40 bods -  Medieval builders                                                                          
4 bods and 5 nags,- Mounted Teutonic Knights Command                         
4 bods - Goosey Goosey Gander                                                                
1 bod and six nags - Teutonic Knights Pt2                                                     
2 bods and six nags   - Teutonic Knights Pt3                                               
9 bods, 2 nags - Bannockburn                                                                     
18 bods, 2 nags and 2 mules - Teutonic infanty on the march                    
5 carts and 10 nags - Wagons for Bodstonia                                                 
26 orcs                                                                                                              
Teutonics restart       1 bod     2 nags                                                           
Norman Army Camp   27 bods    6 nags                                                         
Medieval guards on Duty    17 Bods                                             
Medieval guards resting     14 bods                                                                 
Medieval Alarm                13 bods                                                                  
Airfix Tarzan                    8 Bods                                                                    
60 airfix ACW bods, 32 Airfix ACW Cavalry, 3 guns, Crews  and limbers

Other Bits and Bobs
Fort Sahara to monastery conversion
Roman Villa MK2
24 Beehives and 3 stands
StuH 42
Camping acessories and tents
3 ACW scratchbuilt houses
Airfix "What If"

What was planned for 2016 and what didn´t happen? Well, 4 of the 10 planned Projects actually got done but work  on the 1329 Teutonic dio took precedent and then the Airfix ACW wargame Project popped up....
Roman Villa
Finish the last 6 Seated Knights
Paint up a Hussite camp

Finish the Medieval / Bodstonian town (another 10 or so buildings)
Base the Medieval / BodstonianVillage
Build a 17th Cent Meeting house /Fort
Paint every pose of the Airfix Afrika Korps set...the Tarzan set was Chosen instead
Paint the Strelets Tecumseh set
Scratchbuild a "Medicus" wagon
and a couple of Weird and wonderfull scratchbuilds,

Plans for this year?
Continue work on both 1329 Teutonic dio and  the Airfix ACW wargame Project.
Wargame the ACW bods using the rules (with possible mild adaptions) from the Terry Wise book. ..this should actually happen.
Re-Boot Bodstonia. Those  Bodstonians have been getting on without me so it´s about time I had a look at what they are up to.

That will do for 2017 plans, As always, I´ll probably get side tracked into some other stuff as well.