Tuesday 3 December 2013

Dark and Light Alliance - Heavy Warriors of the Dead

The heavy infantry from the two "Undead" infantry sets from Dark alliance, the other being the light infantry. There´s also two "Undead" cavalry sets, heavy and light, which each come with 10 mounted bods and two command type foot bods.
Even from the box art it´s easy to see that they appear more battered and campaign weary  than actually "Undead" looking.  Apart from some grim looking faces and a mild bone like look on some forearms (which could be taken as over developed muscles) there isn´t a lot to actually confirm them as "undead" which is, as far as I´m concerned, a Bonus. Not only can they be painted up as "Undead" but as circa 12th century marauding Bandit Viking - Norman - Saxon mix type medievals.
40 bods, 10 x 4 sprues. A good mix of active and inactive poses and some conversion potential.
The only bod that I´m not too pleased with, the one on the right  with the flail. Better to cut it off and make him into a Spear/ Standard bearer.  
Added into a norman shieldwall These would blend in quite well.
The poor bod on the left has lost his right boot!! See what I mean about the skeletal forearms?
The poses allow for creating a good looking shieldwall
The same bods with a quick paintjob as the "Undead". Straight from the sprue, no Flash removed, which shows how little flash actually needed removing for the ones above.