Friday 13 January 2012

Eastern house

A quick "how I make Khandibarian buildings".
Things needed. Woodglue, sharpsand, biro, sharp knife, setsquare, pins, paintbrush, insulating foam, brown and white acylic wall paint. I´ve decanted the paint into old washing up liquid bottles..much easier to squeete small amounts out. The push down caps cut out the unscrewing of caps or levering lids off.

Cut a square of polystyrene sheet. Cut strips of the insulating sheet and simply glue onto the square. The pins help to hold everything in place as it dries. The gold dome is an old plastic X-mas tree bauble cut in half,  I just added glue along the inside rim and put it in place. If you add a dome, remember to cut a hole underneath on the roof to let air in otherwise the glue takes ages to dry
Using a biro, draw windows, doors, brickwork onto the walls. Mix some sand and wood glue and using a spatula (lolly sticks are good for this) smear the mix over the walls.  It´s best to do only two opposing sides each time because if the mix is a bit runny or too thick and you stand the building up on it´s base the mixture will sag and run.
Mix some brown and white paint. Roughly  33% - 66% brown to white and paint :-D
Then another layer but with much less brown and finally a dry brush with just white......Cheap and cheerfull...and Finished. :-D     Just a mo!!!...those Khandiabarians have got hold of RPG´s and AK´s!!!!!!!