Thursday 22 March 2018

Welsh Archers for Bannockburn

Ever since Strelets released the English Longbowmen set I´ve had it in mind to add another stand of archers to the Bannockburn Project. I´d already made up two stands of welsh archers (HERE and HERE ) and one of english  (HERE) but another stand helps bring up the numbers.
It´s reckoned there was around 14,000-15,000 english infantry at Bannockburn, a large number of those being archers.
The new archer stand brings the foot up to 106 bods, 48 infantry + 58 archers/crossbows,  so at my Chosen Ratio of 50-1 that makes 5300. Still pitifully low than the total needed, I´d have to paint another 150 - 180 bods, but getting closer.
The entire "English Army" Ranged weapons section
I´m working on  another stand of crossbows using bods from other Strelets sets, not just the Medieval Crossbowmen set. At the Ratio of 50:1, It would be over the assumed numbers of crossbowmen present at the actual battle but it will make an even 6 stands.

Thursday 15 March 2018

Swiss Pike block

A loooong time in the making,  over 5 years,  as can be seen HERE and  HERE, but it´s finally finished. Painting the last 8 bods to fill the ranks wasn´t the Problem...what put me off was the basing.
47 bods from a range of makes, Strelets, RedBox, UltimaRatio, there´s even a Zvezda bod in there.
I´m not too sure about having the flag so far back but putting it there fits in with the placing of the flags in the Burgundian Pikeblocks.
The Hornist who originally  carried a flag but was converted as can be seen HERE

The only Zvezda Bod can just be seen to the right of the second rank (White feathers and Torse)
He´s from the Medieval Field Powder Artillery set (Bod on the right, 3rd row from top) and had a head swop using a head from the Zvezda French Knights set. 
Point of contact!!!
Another swiss pikeblock is planned..this time Bern...hopefully it won´t take another 5 years to complete.

Wednesday 7 March 2018

1329 bits and bobs

Painted a while back but the post got overtaken with other stuff and forgotten.
Civvies from Toma´s TM0021 Medieval civilians
Pots, bowls, Cups, bucket and a basket

Sunday 4 March 2018

Mixed Medievals for 1329

Another Batch for the 1329 dio...this time a bit of a mixed lot. They all came in one bag but it Looks like there´s two, maybe even  three  sets mixed together.
Definately Valdemar ( I remember some of the labourers from ages back) but the working bods don´t fit alongside the richer looking ones.
The lute Player..what´s he doing among them..a Musical accompaniment to the workers? There was also a Jester but he was broken off his base at the ankles. What was his role? Jokes and tomfoolery to keep the workers Spirits up ?  Attempts to repair him was like trying to Balance jelly on a wet balloon so he ended up in the scrap metal pile.
16 bods (17 if the footloose Jester is included) which seems a large number of bods for a single set. I haven´t been able to track down a single one of them to confirm which set they belong to so I cannot say.
The one laying down is supposed to be Standing and pulling on a rope
 Upperclass bods
Pushing, pulling and carrying

*Apparently  a contraction of the word godfather. How that works I can´t imagine. Drunkenly slurring the word grandfather could, I suppose, come near to sounding like Gaffer but then for it to be taken as that, in the past, everytime godfather was said it would have to be by someone 9 Sheets to the wind. 
As far as I know, gaffer meant and on Building sites, was a term used for Foreman. In German it means someone who rubbernecks...someone who stands about and quite Fitting to some foremen, sorry, Gaffers,  I worked for.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Medieval Organ Gun

A large caliber 4 barrelled battlefield clearance weapon.
Multi part, Made of metal, I haven´t a clue which make this is.
I´m not too sure wether the solid wheels are correct, every depiction I´ve seen of Ribauldequins have spoked wheels but seeing as this is a Heavy Version I suppose spoked wheels wouldn´t be up to Holding the weight.

I was going to do a "how to" on painting the Wood but I got into the painting and forgot...:-(