Sunday 6 May 2012

Medieval Ale Wagon

Every army needs a drink at the end of the days work.

Driver a converted archer from Miniart`s Fench Knights with assault ladders, Horse from Zvezda, the wagon, a 3pdr gun carriage from Zvezda´s Russian artillery of Peter the great, barrel from Renedra
Tap made from a bit of the wagon sprue from the side of the 3pdr gun carriage. 

Scratch built Serpentine
Made with a bit of balsa wood, some card, bit of an old paintbrush and copperwire
Hello to Millsy, Mad wargamer and Liverpool FC Fan...
Hello to Nathan from Napoleonic Military Modelling blog.
Sorry, no  back links to your blogs. Due to technical PC blew up, it actually went bang!!!
I´m posting this on a Laptop that has the memory capacity of a goose, which means..I open another tab and have two blogs up at the same time...everything stops!!!!!!