Saturday 23 October 2010

Northern Michel

This is just one of many great dioramas created by Michel  (Michels Miniaturen - see link ) This little 1/72nd scale scene shows Traders from Sweden and Patricians from Lübeck.
Michel is not only a talented converter, painter and scenery builder, but his dios are among the best in the scale. His use of  bods from all different manufacturers is inspired, he can put bods from such  diverse manufacturers as Strelets and Valdemar next to each other, in a way which makes it hard to tell sometimes which make is which and he makes them interact with each other in a way that looks natural and lifelike.  He has, IMHO, a feeling for bringing an idea to life which is seldom seen in 1/72nd scale, even  in his bigger, more complex dios. Looking at them is inspirational.
Michel is also prepared to share his talents, which he does at German trade fairs and model conventions, the dates of which are also flagged up on his website..
I could express my ideas of what "Northern goods" says to me personally, how I imagine what the characters are thinking for example but I will stop here with my praise of Michels work and let you enjoy this wonderfull Medieval dockside scene and recommend visiting Michels site to see more wonderfull dioramas  :-)