Thursday 31 May 2018

Ralph de Grendon and friends

4 kniggits who took part in the Battle of Falkirk 
Coats-of-arms taken from the Falkirk Roll 

I´ll be making up a few more for the "Bannockburn Project". 
The idea behind the "Bannockburn Project" was to use solely Strelets bods. I achieved that Goal but as with most of my Projects, it has been added to. I´ve only got a handfull of Strelets nags and kniggits left, particually nags with caparisons,  apart from the  Medieval Britian set.
As it´s still complete and on the sprue, which, if anyone knows, is going for a small fortune at the Moment, I´m keeping as it is. day Strelets will see the financial Advantage of reproducing the set but until that day, the bods stay attached to thier sprues and bods from other makes will be utilised to add the necessary kniggits.

Seeing as they aren´t Strelets Bods they will be based individually so they fit in with the rest of the Collection and can be used elsewhere.
Ralph de Grendon. Lord of Grendon. Argent two chevronels gules
(Fourth Battalion)
William le Vavasour.1st Baron Vavasour. Or a fess dancetty sable
John de Clavering. 3rd Baron of Warkworth and Clavering. Quarterly or and gules overall a bend sable overall a label of three points azure
There is an alternative where the Label is green me it looks odd. 
Seeing as his Coat-of-Arms is so colourfull,  he´s had a Standard bearer added.
William FitzWilliam Or a fess gules
(Kings Battalion)
Of Course, they will be added to the "Medieval Lords and ladies" list bringing it up to 99. 

I´ve been a bit lazy in my welcome to the Blog comments lately so....
Not only welcome to a new blog Follower but a new member of the Blogging world, Ian,  who runs a new 1/72nd blog called Denyer´s Bits and Bods which, IMHO, is really great.