Thursday 28 April 2016

Teutonic Knights (Pt2)

More additions to the 1329 dio, This time a mix of bods from  Valdemar and Toma sets
Valdemar VA119 "Lone Rider"
Valdemar - VA162 "Old Knight Brother" The foot bod  is meant to be Holding a spear/Standard but I reckon he Looks better Holding the reins of his boss´s Nag.
Toma Miniatures.TM0018 "Im Zeichen des Kreuzes" (in the sign of the cross)
There´s 5 in the set but two are being operated on..the helmets are far too early for 1329.
The flags , left to right:-
Bailiff of Leske, Part of the Komturia of Marienburg.
The Town of Braunsberg
Valdemar  but from  which set I´ve forgotten