Saturday 1 June 2013

Bannockburn (Pt7) Maurice, Abbot of Inchaffray

Finally the next sheltron is completed.
Sets used;
Strelets Medieval crossbowmen
Strelets medieval Levy (1)
Strelets Medieval levy (2)
Medieval Britian
Crusader Transport (1)
Roman Port
As always with history, a problem has arisen. What coat of arms did Edward de Bruce wear on the day? Was it the one I´ve used, (in a lot of the Pictures protraying him at Bannockburn) or the Arms of the Earl of Carrick (Argent, Chevron Gules) ?

Éirinn go Brách!!
Cavalry view of the sheltron
Edward de Bruce

It bugged me so much that eventually I changed the Arms. I think, and it seems Logical, that only Robert de Bruce, being the C.i.C,  would have royal arms at the battle.........although I could be wrong.

Another of the Kneeling bods from the strelets Medieval crossbowmen set converted to a pikeman.

Maurice, Abbot of Inchaffray. He not only blessed the scottish troops at Bannockburn but apparently he had previously helped in the escape of  Robert de Bruce after the Battle of Methven in 1306.
The top half of Maurice Comes from the Crusader Transport (1) set and the bottom half from the Roman Port set.
Maurice Blessing the troops
And for a bit of fun. The Douglas/Stewart sheltron and De Bruces Sheltron accuse one another of drinking all the whisky...a fight ensues.
I´ve tried making the  basing so that the front rank is slightly back from the leading edge of the base and the tip of the spears a centimeter or two further from the leading edge so that it´s possible to have two base edges meet. Seems to far.