Friday 28 June 2013

English Cavalry - Bannockburn (13)

Another 8 Knights for Edward´s cavalry.
sets used;
English Cavalry of Edward I
The Scottish Army of Wallace
William Latimer, 2nd Lord Latimer of Corby and Aymer de Valence, 2nd Earl of Pembroke
Edmund de Mauley has got a new steed and next to him,  Sir Thomas de Furniville
Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley  and Rodger de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford
Hugh le Despenser, (Hugh the Elder)  1st and last Earl of Winchester, Chief Advisor to King Edward II

The Standard bearer. This one was  a pain. I can find the Name of Roberts Standard bearer..and his coat-of-arms but Edward´s!? If he is to hang around near Edward II then he´ll have to have a name so I´ve called him Roger Northburgh (who was the kings shield bearer and keeper of the Privy seal)
and yes..the Surcoats get the Coats-of-Arms as well :-D (as far as possible)
One mildly annoying thing with the English Cavalry of Edward I, of the 8 horses with barding, only 2 have smooth  surfaces allowing Heraldry painting, of the remaining six, two have padded barding, the last 4 chain mail. One third of all the nags in the set !. Ok, I could just paint them all up as having chainmail but that would look boring so the chainmail effect had to go.
Easiest way I found is to cover the mail with a thin layer of Pattex 100 gel, smeared across the surface with a toothpick. The final effect is a bit glossy (this helps you to find any bits you´ve missed) but... takes paint really well. The rear of the saddle is cut off because the bods just won´t fit into the original seating Arrangement. The backs are being replaced with greenstuff

If   the actual site of such a Major and famous battle is still disputed after 699 years  (see Here) then I reckon lowly painters of bods are allowed a bit of leeway with colours etc :-D