Sunday 31 July 2011

Mummy...I´m Scared!!

"Lt. Tompkins, don´t be so stupid man, such things DO NOT exist!!! "

Saturday 30 July 2011

medieval bombard experiment

Due to a couple of accidents, caused by the massive recoil of the weaponary, messers Bodkin and Bodger have designed a "Re-coiless Cannon"

This is achieved, not with springs, oh no!!. Not with counterweights, ramps, levers or any other such infernal devices, but by the simple device of opening the rear of the cannon to allow the hot gases to escape, therefore not creating pressure that will throw the device backwards.

After several operations and the laying on of leeches, T.Omkins is out of intensive care and has kindly deemed to help test this cunning device.

Here we see him about to light the fuse.

....and,.... oh!!! that doesn´t look right somehow... 
no..not right at all!!
 Can anyone smell tinned meat cooking??

Hello to pahoota from Solipsist gaming  and Atticusmactapia from El espacio de Atticus. 
I´ve said hell to both and not individually because they both have very similar blogs...loads and loads of very clever scratch building. For example, pahootas last post about making thatched huts is inspired thinking as is Atticus´s creation of cypress trees. Both are well woth the visit and a run through their archives on how to make and do.

Friday 29 July 2011

Late Roman army ( 1/72nd )

A project started a few years ago...but never finished. I lost interest after seeing the excellent bods that Alex was producing...and went from ancients to medievals.
All bods from Hat or Miniart and all the shields hand painted...another reason for loosing heart
Back then (4 years ago)..I didn´t add bowstrings !!

Thursday 28 July 2011

Blind man Buff and Deaf Aza Poest

Two friends united by thier afflictions...Blind man Buff is lead around by his friend Aza...

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Medieval Towers

Two towers made from my all time favourite (well it is now) material,,,blue insulating foam!!!!!
The joins of each disc of foam show up very well in the real life not so much...the camera never lies eh??
Wow!!! he got up there quick!!! Like a rat up a drainpipe!!!
Hello to Roma, from Mestre Solitario  My translator came up with mestre Hermit...I´m sure that can´t be right. Anyway...he does wargaming with cards...looks pretty interesting.
Hello to Jfaria from O BRIGADEIRO & J MINIS... WWII minis en masse to see on his blog...
I was sure I was following your blog mate...I keep seeing  your posts all over the net...;-D

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Medieval wagons and baggage master

A couple more wagons to add to my Previous baggage train. I think this will be all for now....oops!!...I´ve forgotton Benny and Buddy...they still need a wagon to pull...oh well...back to the workbench

Wagon from the Airfix Waterloo set...(after 30 years I have finally found a use for it ) wheels from the Airfix Waterloo french artillery, Oxen from Pegasus, Bod from Zvezda and the baggage from Zvezda medieval Artillery set
Again, wagon from Airfix, horses from miniart, bod from zvezda and the baggage from tiolet paper.:-D
Baggage master.. All zvezda..the horse and legs from The french Medieval Cavalry and the top half from the artillery set.
Hello to Roberto from Shermanholic blog...but not only shermans as the blog name suggests...all manner of AFV´s...the SPA AS43 is one I´ve never seen before.

Great this blogging get to see so many things you have never seen before...:-D

Sunday 24 July 2011

Roman Transport (set 1) (Linear-B)

,,,,with minor conversions and a different paint job turned into medieval transport set 1. :-D
The whole unwashed mob together.
The bod at the front was wearing "femina" so I cut the bottoms off flush with his ankles and he´s now got leggings. The bod directly behind him,drinking, I cut the bottom off his "amphor" and one of the handles to make it into a flat bottomed jug. I also advise cutting of the pegs that are meant to hold the baggage and using glue to attach them. It´s very difficult to align the holes, one of which was quite small (or the peg was too big)
The cart got a bit more attention. Cut in half, two metal rods welded to the bottom, wheels from the Airfix waterloo french artillery set, yolk from some copperwire and donkey cart.
With the Bodettes the only bit of alteration was the cutting off the bottom of the amphor held by the "prostitute"
Benny and Buddy...?....they have got a bit of a holiday until I can find a suitable thing for them to pull.
Welcome to Harry Goaz from Pinecone Stew his own words, Can act. Can ride a unicycle. Can make toast, but I´ll add to that list with , can take some great photos . One question... Harry Goaz from twin peaks??

Saturday 23 July 2011

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....

...let down your hair".
I was going to do a post on how I built the top of this tower, but it got too complicated.´s finished and now has pride of place in my Daughters bedroom.:-D

Friday 22 July 2011

Medieval Wine Merchants

This set from Valdemar are actually listed as a ships crew but I like to think of them as either wine merchants or even Monks, who after all, did most of the brewing back then
 Have a nice weekend!!! :-D

Thursday 21 July 2011

Strelets Roman Transport (review)

A little suprise for me when I got home today...The strelets Roman Transport of the mold !!!
The set is only available from Linear-b and is available as of now .
The complete set.
The females of the set. From left to right. 1.Pregnant far as I know the first depiction of a pregnant woman in a mass produced set!!! 2. Rather "relaxed" lady. Yes, that is a mamalian protuberance 3. Woman and young boy. 4. Woman giving a piggy back to a girl.

The men. 1.captive. His top is ripped and hangs around his waist, a rope is bound around his neck and to his wrists.. 2. Old boy carrying his posessions.3., he´s not giving the "comrade" salut, his rased hand is for holding onto one of the mules. 4. Drinking man. His headgear is a leather cap, it has stiching .

1. Another drover. 2. I think this one is a roman can put him behind the captive so that his right hand looks like it is holding the rope bindings. 3. Spear carrier. He wears caligula and his hair cut suggests a roman soldier but he more likely to be a  be a servant, as he has no other weapons apart from the bundle of spears he is carrying

Mules. All come with a set of baggage which is attached by means of a peg on top of the mule. There were also pegs on either side which are meant for the attachment of the baggage which comes with set 2.

The cart. A very easy build..I had to open up the hole a bit on one of the wheels to attach it to the axle but apart from that it fits together well. A little on the small sid, especially when compared to the two beasts pulling it but a servicable bit of kit.

Benny and Buddy. These are big impressive looking oxen. They really are very nice models.

What do I think of the set?? All in all  very nice. The style is unmistakeably that of strelets, the  sculpting is the among the best to come out of the strelets stable.  Very little flash and the detail is very well done. For instance, the pregnant woman is carrying  a sack slung over her shoulder which has a patch sown onto it.
As always they have done some great poses and I for one love the females/children in the set..a rare enough subject as it is but 4 in one set is good to see.
When I first saw the masters of this set, I wanted it..I can see potential for usage as a set of medieval peasantry / camp followers etc. The mules and the Oxen can be used for a ton of things.
I might add larger wheels to the cart, the smaller ones are typically roman. For ancients fans an absolute must!! A great set of bods..:-D
Many thanks to Marc from linear-b for sending me the set...nice one mate...Gruß   Paul :-D

Hello to Enfermagem online. I´m not to sure wether I´ll need any Fluxo Vaginal em Flash just at the moment but thanks for following :-D
Hello to Armoured Fighting vehicle. Some very nice AFV builds...the M998 Jeep!!!!!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Gold miners.

A couple of the bods from the Atlantic Gold Rush set. The rocks are a chunk of Fir tree bark,,,the tracks are from matchsticks as sleepers and flattened florists wire for the rails. Tent is made from....Toilet paper!! :-D

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Tower how to.

Quick and easy, you can knock out a 15cm tall tower in a couple of hours.
Some 3cm insulating board and a drill with a hole cutting set. best a set with fine teeth or bend the teeth flat, ie; they don´t stick out either side of the stel ring.
As this will be another "rapunzel" tower I´ve used ever decreasing sizes of discs. Behind the tower is some 5cm Blue insulating foam. The tower is made using another type of foam, a pinky white stuuf which is a bit harder than the blue sort.

The discs are then glued together using woodglue and cocktailsticks between each layer. Shave of the edges to give a flat surface and then sand it all smooth with sand paper.
Using a biro, mark in the stonework. Here I´ve used the blunt end of a pencil to push the foam back to give an "aged look"

The Rapunzel tower in the film has got plaster covered sides. To do this I´ve covered the areas outside of the stonework with woodglue and rolled the tower in sand.

When everything is dried  (this you can speed up by using a hairdryer) Paint :-D
Hello to Lou. I know you have a blog...I´ve looked at it but your google friends connect isn´t set..

Monday 18 July 2011

Tompkins in Wonderland

"Tompkins!!!! What did the caterpillar say about NOT eating anything!!!!??"
Hello to Ethics gradient from Another slippery slope blog. Loads of  stuff from every angle of modelling..I love the villiage idiot from hassel free...
Hello to Aracelis from Top Blogs Blog. How many followers? ..2169!!!!

Sunday 17 July 2011

"Rapunzel" Tower 1/72nd

A medieval fantasy scratch build. Pretty quick and easy because I simplified the design a bit.from the Film version and I wanted to test out a couple of new ideas to do with tower building, especially the roof construction.
I´ll build a second one but this time it will be more in line with the design represented in the Film and then one  like this  :-D