Wednesday 23 May 2012

Orc Warriors (Caeser )

Medieval fantasy? Well....Sort of..:-D
There´s a few more fantasy sets planned and some more available, like the Orion/Dark Alliance orcs, and at some point maybe PSR will have to add a new section to the listings and move the Caeser sets out of the  Features section.
Even using just one pose of each from the set they make a decent sized warband.

The one on the far left..a female?
My favourite poses from the set. I haven´t yet added a symbol on the standard..I can´t decide on anything appropiate yet..and I don´t want the usual red eye or white hand....
I haven´t added bowstrings. Their big ugly heads are in the way.

Hello to Dead Guy from DeadGuy´s Ditch blog. He´s not been blogging for long and has just posted an excellent post called,  The One Wargame Book To Rule Them All about a wargames book called Games of war.
Hello to Don Carlos Suratos from DC23 Hobbies Blog.  The "just short of " 2,000,000 hits shows how popular his site is and no wonder, he´s got some pretty amazing stuff...the tutorials section is really something else!!