Saturday 27 November 2010

WWI 18 Pdr

Well, it is Gun Month so I thought I´d get in on it before it´s over. This one is from Emhar...not a bad little gun, comes in 7 parts..the plastic is fairly hard. Fitting the thing together was a bit of a pain...I painted the parts first but when it came to fitting, I discoverd that the holes in the wheels are too bloody small and had to be forced on to the axles which bent and nealry snapped one.!!!! Also the barrel has to be pushed  thorugh the shield with some force due to the poxy locating pins. After it was put together it needed a bit of re-aligning and re-painting.
What I shall do with it now, I don´t needs a crew. The crew supplied is in poses so relaxed it looks like they´ve taken handfulls of sleeping tablets.