Thursday, 18 November 2010

Airfix Romans

Another "historically correct" set from Airfix.
13 poses, 4 nags and 1 chariot
The pegs for the  shields are badly place so the bods end up carrying them on thier elbows. And as for the sporty Chariot!! :-)
The "grunts"
All hold the shield incorrectly, a selection of clobber that probably never existed, all in all not very historically accurate
Command and Archer.
The best from the set although also not too accurate in historical terms.
The chariot. I´ve upgraded it by adding reins and painting designs on the "shield".

They get a poor rating over at PSR, but these guys (along with 100´s of thier comrades) invaded  and took control of large areas of  carpet back in the day. 


  1. You are the master of polishing mate.Some people do not like this set,but they were sold as toys if people remember,not museum pieces.
    Its still an iffy chariot though.

  2. Nicely painted figures, brings back happy memories!


  3. Thanks
    the chariot is well iffy...imagine one of those small wheels hitting the smallest of small pebbles from small would go flying!! Just a mo...didn´t Rupert the bear have something similar to this? Maybe that´s where the idea comes from...:-)

  4. You've done a fine job on the Chariot!

    I've linked you to my Airfix Blog.

    Peter Evans of the Plastic Warrior team, realized a few years ago that the leather hot-pant skirts worn by this set were also featured on the back-cover images from the Blandford pocket book 'Warriors and Weapons 3000 BC to AD 1700 in Colour' by Niels M. Saxtorph, the damage was done by Stig Bramsen yet inside only one plate out of 55 Romans has the same treatment.

    It would seem he based the figure on some historical image (grave relief?) and the publishers then asked for some fillers for the back cover and he sent in the studies for that man, only for the Airfix sculptor/artist to use the whole lot as he was too lazy to wedge the book open and use the more accurate pictures inside!...The signifier is a dead-ringer!

  5. Great work, Out of interest about how look per figure does it take to create these masterpieces?

  6. @Hugh...thanks mate..I´m honoured :-).I will link your Airfix site here too, I´ve been waiting for you to get it up and running. I´ve got another 12 sets painted up and waiting and 3 not complete cos of missing (drummer from the Waterloo French imperial guard has turned up recently)and 3 are promised to me. I´ve only got another 40 sets to go and the project will be complete. Per figure...20-30 mins maybe. paint up a set depends on how many there are..the romans took about 4 days, the bedouins..2 days and how much energy I have after work. :-)

  7. PS.I knew about the historical thing connected with this set, there was a discussion about them here;

    It´s just my dark sense of humour which tends to bracket them as historically correct..:-)

  8. sorry...historically incorrect :-)