Sunday, 14 November 2010

Airfix WWII German Mountain troops

Not a bad little set with some usefull poses which could be used in combination with other sets.
 I liked the idea of the blue is after all a mountain bike:-) How he manges to ride it without any spokes is beyond me!

"Come on Willi, throw the dam thing!! It´s bloody freezing!"
"On the Piste" 
Obviously the snow is so hard it needs breaking up with a pickaxe!!

Snow made using Shaving foam.


  1. Good work!
    How you made snow? Very realistic!

  2. Awesome work, these have come out really well. Airfixs better work I believe!

  3. Brilliant work mate.Fond memories of this set.The background and base really does this set justice.What did you use for snow?

  4. Thanks Guys ;-)
    The snow...Muhaha!! Muhaha!! trade secret! because the set up was temporary and I wanted to ust the "mountain" at a later date for something else...I used............Shaving foam!!:-)

  5. Shaving Foam! Fantastic idea!

  6. Hi Paul,

    The mighty gebirgsjägers look great! I love the little details like the edelweiss on their cap! The mountain scene and the backgroud really set the mood! I also like the fact you painted the bike in blue rather than army issued green, it stands out and probably taken from the nearby village. You really make those outdated old Airfix look amazing.


  7. These Pictures are a real treat. Brilliant work!

  8. Classic, really liked the bases

  9. Hey, Paul! Thank you for your comment, I'm happy to discover your blog. You're doing a great job using those backgrounds with your dioramas, it makes a big difference, great photography, the figures kind of "jump at you"! Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks!!!! :-) It makes me happy to think that my efforts in painting the Airfix bod range are being appreciated :-) There´s lots more to come!!
    Thanks again!!