Monday 4 April 2011


This is how I make cloaks for my bods. Cheap and relatively easy.
Well, it has to be...this skinflint made it up :-D
The tools needed. Some toilet paper (a single layer of two ply ), pair of scissors, woodglue and liquid superglue, toothpick and the bod.

First cut a bit of toilet paper into this rough cloak shape. Lay the bod next to it for a pre-fit.  If it´s too long cut a bit off, too long...start again.
Sick a tiny blob of woodglue on the back and around the neck of the bod. Dip the tip of the toothpick into some wood glue and use it to gently pick up the loo paper cloak and lay it on the bod.
Clean the tip of the toothpick and using the tip, gently press the tiolet paper into the glue on the bods back and around it´s neck. Create folds in the cloack by adding glue either under or on top of the "cloak" .  When the desired shape is reached, slowly drip liquid super glue over the whole of the "cloak", trying not to get any onto the bod. . This turns the paper into  something like plastic. Let it all dry and paint. Told you it was easy :-D

Gracias Gandamar para ligar esto a La Armada ;-D


  1. Short and good! Thanks Paul, the step with the superglue is a "golden hint"!

  2. Very clever. It looks much simpler than doing it with modelling putty.

  3. Easy my arse,well maybe but I'm not sure now.

  4. Toilet paper really? That's a Crazy tutorial with the letter C. Seriously, I would love to see the result in the flesh as it seems to work well.

  5. A great trick Paul, it has to work better than the old lead foil method I have used. Super glue, 1001 uses, now 1002.

  6. isnt it amazing how hard that toliet paper gets?? Nice job Paul

  7. Do you recommend Andrex or Tesco's own brand toilet paper?

    Good idea though!!

  8. That's pretty wild - looks great. Dean

  9. Great tutorial again Paul ;-D

    @kingsleypark: I think he will recomment toilet paper that hasn't been used ;-)


  10. I wonder how that would work with flags. Is it just the superglue or is it the mix with the woodglue that does it?

  11. Thanks :-D
    The woodglue is used to glue the paper to the bod and you can make folds with it . The superglue is added all over but it "seals" the areas of bare paper that haven´t had any woodglue put on them. I´ve not tried this with flag making.

  12. very nice tutorial!
    The thin super glue is awesome stuff, great way to 'plasticize' paper, cloth & acrylic mediums. A friend of mine once used the same method to make membranes for airship sails.

  13. Nice post. PVA is the staple of any serious converter.