Sunday, 1 May 2011

Medieval Burgundian Cannon

The gun carriage and barrel from the Redbox Hussite artillery set, the wheels from the Hat Gardner gun set, heads swopped or taken from  Accurate´s Hundred years  English men-at-arms.
Hello to Gandamar...thanks for following :-D


  1. Good work that, nicely put together and done.

  2. Nice set, good job. I like the work on the base.

  3. Beautifully done! Regards, Dean

  4. It's a very modern-looking carriage, in its design, very much like we still use today really. Or does that make us medieval?

  5. Hello Paul, thanks for the introduction :D That's a very nice cannon, I just bought the Zvezda one for a future HYW English army :)

  6. Bloomin lovely arty stand. My compliments Paul.

  7. Great stuff - especially the bloke with the bellows (toasting crumpets?)

  8. That's a pretty nice set, especially compared with the rest of Redbox. How do they compare to the MiniArt Hussites?

  9. I really like the look of these!

    Presumably though you have more than 1 cannon???

  10. Thanks:-D
    @ mekelnborg...we´re still medieval..only no-one has told us yet :-D
    @ Tim...and marshmallows ...yum!!
    @ Maurice..same style, same size. I´m mixing revell, miniart and orion alongside them to make halbardiers, crossbowmen and arquebusiers and you won´t notice the difference. Some of the zvezda bods are getting used as well and the airfix robinhood set has already been drafted in. A great expansion to the medieval range. :-D My two favourite bods are the one with the cannon ball and the one with the fuse...(originals, not my conversions) The faces look great :-D
    I hope the infantry, wagon and command sets are the same standard.
    @ Kp...there were 3 in the set...but after a failed experiment, one of the gun carriages got a wee bit damaged...well totally wrecked actually, but the barrel will make a good "stationary" all is not lost and I´m going to get another set for more "experiments" :-D

  11. Really nice work there! - I wonder how long it will be before it becomes a Swiss cannon!!!

  12. A good looking artillery stand Paul. I like the animation of the figures.

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  14. Somebody had to pay some respect to Burgundians!!!
    Great work Paul!!!
    Nice colouring!!

  15. Great job. I don't think I would go to all the trouble of swapping heads and wheels...kudos!