Thursday 19 May 2011

One bod...6 Jobs

The Airfix Robin Hood set...I love it...there seems to be a mass of things to get out of it. A head swop here, a weapon swop there...and bingo..peasant becomes footsoldier.
The basic pose..
Stick swop, and now he´s the old boy of the villiage
Stick swop, twist of the neck and an arm added, now he´s capn Hornblower
Stick swop, head swop (Redbox Hussite artillery) and now he´s king of the slingers
Head swop (Revel english knights)bit of greenstuff and now he´s a guncrew member
The last reincarnation. Hand swop, head swop, sheath and shield added..
Hello to Matt from In The Grand Manner blog, in the main newline design napoleonics and a few little gems like this one Peter of Dreux.


  1. Good versatility and skill there Paul.

  2. Some great conversions!

  3. Paul you are giving me a complex you know?

  4. This was my favourite box of figs (well - after Sheriff of Nottingham!) - that Airfix did when I was small.

    You have given it a new lease of life, clever chap!

  5. Its great what you can do with a box of Airfix soldiers! I may have to steal some of your ideas!



  6. Paul, I remember when AIRFIX Robin Hood and the Sheriff sets were used to make Lord Of The Rings armies waaaay before fantasy metal figures took off.

  7. Very Nice work, well done.

  8. Excellent! I would have not have known that any of the 5 other bods were conversions just by looking at them which is a sign of a job well executed!

  9. Wow, turns out great :)
    Good job, Paul!

  10. Great job, excellent conversions Paul

  11. Wonderful - I remember doing a conversion of the Sheriff archer to be a Cretan archer.

    But these conversions are great.