Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tower how to.

Quick and easy, you can knock out a 15cm tall tower in a couple of hours.
Some 3cm insulating board and a drill with a hole cutting set. best a set with fine teeth or bend the teeth flat, ie; they don´t stick out either side of the stel ring.
As this will be another "rapunzel" tower I´ve used ever decreasing sizes of discs. Behind the tower is some 5cm Blue insulating foam. The tower is made using another type of foam, a pinky white stuuf which is a bit harder than the blue sort.

The discs are then glued together using woodglue and cocktailsticks between each layer. Shave of the edges to give a flat surface and then sand it all smooth with sand paper.
Using a biro, mark in the stonework. Here I´ve used the blunt end of a pencil to push the foam back to give an "aged look"

The Rapunzel tower in the film has got plaster covered sides. To do this I´ve covered the areas outside of the stonework with woodglue and rolled the tower in sand.

When everything is dried  (this you can speed up by using a hairdryer) Paint :-D
Hello to Lou. I know you have a blog...I´ve looked at it but your google friends connect isn´t set..


  1. Simple and easy.....
    I will try this methode also in the future,
    please show us the rest of this project.
    So interesting to see, Thanks Paul

  2. I like your post - well done and thank you for sharing it.


  3. Make enough and you may create a Tower Hamlet!

    Nice, simple and effective- talented you are!

  4. Good informative work my friend.

  5. Nice. I like the crooked yet pleasant look of it.

    I also thought the witch in the recent Disney movie was kind of hot for a Pixar character.

    Have you seen The Brothers Grimm movie and that tower?

  6. Very effective Paul. Great work.

  7. Great! Will copy this for my planned brick factory :)

  8. The tower looks great Paul, good tutorial. Every work bench needs a hairdryer. They are so useful.

  9. Thanks :-D
    Part two some time soon.

  10. Hey Paul great tut you got here. One suggestion...use pencil instead of ball pen when drawing stones. Pen ink shows through acrylics. Cheers mate,