Saturday, 16 July 2011

Medieval drunks

Another brilliant  new set from Alex...the way the bods are standing...that "slightly out of balance" way that drunks stand..:-D 
There might be one or two poses added to the set but when it´s finished it will be available from Valdemar miniatures
A monk being tormented

One of the locals getting the boot.

What is he looking for ???
Hello Norman, from Junkyard Planet blog. I like the "technicals" for the Peoples republic of Mbotu ( formally known as Transequatoria ) and the seige wargame with the "moving"  trench system...excellent!!!


  1. Love that last figure!!!! Hey Baby!!!!

  2. What ever the woman has on her shoulder will be swinging about ..head Such detail for 1/72.

  3. I don't know how Alex does it. Lots of research maybe..? Wouldn't be half bad given some of his subjects.

  4. Paul,a wonderful bunch of figures. Last one is great. Not sure why you bothered showing us the other figures, everyone is just looking at the last.

  5. Original figures. It always nice with some Good humor.

  6. A second look. I have met the guy in the top photo. He's either your "best friend" or going to tell YOU something YOU don't know about YOU.