Friday, 1 July 2011

Tax revolt!!! first wargame for ages. I´m using house rules...a bit of this and a bit of that mixed up to create something that I like. As I can´t just start a battle without there being a reason for it...this is how it will all start :-D
It´s  saturday and market day in the happy little town of Styrow on the Fome
The villagers are going about thier business....
...wares are being sold...friends meeting and chatting...
..children play happily......but all is not well.
Mrs Migs starts to remonstrate with the mayor about the new tax rises demanded  from thier lord and master Sir Hugh Jarse.

The local preist, Geoffrey Black sparrow joins with the argument accusing the Mayor of being a lacky to Sir Hugh Jarse

All this is watched by the local watchmen standing on the steps of the Goalhouse , the crowd jeers at them but they do nothing.
later several of the watch get drunk, taking thier revenge for the insults they had to suffer, beating up several local trades people in a back alley.
Within a short time, an angry crowd has gathered in front of the goalhouse...demanding justice...the situation gets out of hand and both sides clash violently
A deathly shout is heard above the melee and both sides part to reveal the dead body of Alan Add-ale
The shock makes both sides withdraw...but as they do ..a cloaked figure is glimpsed leaving the village.
Who is this cloaked figure and what is his mission?? What will happen next over the death of Alan Add-ale ?
 Welcome to melvin...thanks for folowing :-D


  1. Brilliant it is. And absolutely gorgeous. I hope we find out more and see plenty more action.

  2. This really made my day after being trapped in traffic for an hour! :))))))

  3. Fun making a story isn't it Paul? This is just great! Can't wait to see how it continious ;-)


  4. Very well done Paul. Glad to finally see you get a game going with your figures and terrain!! Looking forward to the next chapters.

  5. Those dastardly militia are in for a nasty surpise methinks!

  6. Absolutely brilliant, when's the next instalement

  7. Wonderful scenes. The out-of-door photography is superb. Dean

  8. You need more of a love interest Paul

  9. Awaiting the next instalment...

  10. This is cool. Great wee story with fantastic photos and figures. Can't wait for the next bit.

  11. Exactly who is Alan Add-ale? A nephew of the king? A friend of a famous robber? And why were the taxes raised? Is there a war about or maybe even a crusade? Questions. Questions.

    Great stuff!

  12. Can't wait for the next chapter from Styrow on the Fome

  13. Thanks..:-D
    @Deano.....think about the name...add ale...;-D

  14. Fun! Stories told with miniatures are "way cool!"

  15. F....g great Paul!
    You are an inspiration to us all!!

  16. I missed this because I was on vacation and not checking in. The story and photos are fantastic. You have definitely given me something to aspire to. I also now have a new silly name to add to my collection (Hugh Jarse). My personal favorites are Claude Balz, Ivan Kutyakokov and Hugo Verb-yourself (I have never figured out a way to spell that without being crude).

  17. Paul - have you thought about using the old board game 'Cry Havoc' rules and adapting them a bit?

    Excellent village and figures!