Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Old "converts"

So, it´s the end of the month and for me, the end of one year of blogging, well, this is post number 365  :-D
I´ve reached my target..a Post everyday, and then most of them Hobby related.
Virtually everything I have posted is from the last year or so or is; Just painted, made or whatever.
I´ve seen a lot of other peoples work and learnt a lot,  made contact with some great people  and!!...It´s been great fun!!!!! :-D

This little lot are from the begginings of my obsession, some 35+ years ago...In the days when there were few manufacturers and you had to make do, always wishing that Airfix would bring out the 1/32nd stuff in HO..or the other way around....oh what Joy!! :-D
I´m not sure anymore what regiments these lot are supposed to represent!!
Wagons roll!!
In those days it wasn´t a matter of was the having the "different pose" that counted.

A testimony to the holding power of Humbrol gloss paint...

Add a drawing pin and the bod on the left gets a shield  
As can be seen, I liked bods with MP´s. The one in the middle has had his MP40 replaced with a Panzerfaust (a pin)
Hello to Andy from Modest miniatures. Very nice VBCW in 28mm and as Andy says;
However unfortunately I never seem to actually get to game; I just spend hundreds of hours modelling and painting, occasionally producing the odd bit of scenery and a scary amount of time making endless army lists for devastating forces that shall never see the light beyond the end of the miniature display cases.
I Know what he means :-D


  1. What a fabulous trip down memory lane; loved the early conversions! Congratulations, also, on a wonderful year of blogging. I for one have certainly been inspired.

  2. As someone with rather limited painting and modelling skills I think this is by far your least intimidating post! Here's to the next 365...

  3. Congratulations Paul! I shall be raising a glass to your first year in the Blogosphere tonight! Here's to the next year, also. Wonderful getting your oldest figures out of the box, as well. It brings back so many wonderful memories....

  4. Congratulations for your first anniversary


  5. Congrats on one year of blogging!! You have made a great contribution to the community and I hope that you continue to run such a fine blog!

    I think its great you still have some of your first models it looks like you have always had quality in your paint jobs.

  6. Great stuff. In the "old days" not only were the figures lines limited, but you also had to find a store with inventory.
    It's been fun reading your posts; look forward to many more.

  7. Here's to the next twelve months!

  8. Congrats on your first year Paul. Looking forward to the next 365. Amazing rate of quality posts. Cheers, Michael

  9. I concur with everyone else- an amazing rate of production of both wonderful models and great posts. Congrats on a wonderful milestone.

  10. Congrats on your 1st years blogging, that's a mean feat you've achieved, especially a blog post everyday!!!! Here's to the next 365!!!

  11. Well done Paul, what a lot of posts! And bods!


  12. Congrats Paul, on your 1st years blogging.Love the old Airfix fig's. They bring back so many great memories.

  13. Well done that man and great to see those old figs, which do take me back to a time when I had not a care in the world.

  14. Wow, yeah, some of mine still look like that, and I'm glad of it, although I have improved. With me what makes the difference is more just having the patience to keep working to make it better vs deciding it's good enough as it is so let's put them to use. I am more patient now then then, but not all the way.

    Congratulations on a herculean effort, and even if you can't keep it up there's plenty of reference material, if you hit the print as a book button.

    The unidentified ones are Bavarians on the left and Nassauers to the right. It's more interesting to see how many parts from different sets went into those, since they are so familiar to many.

  15. We must have been a year or two apart, the Terry Wise School wasn't it?!! I left the best of my finger-tips at that place thanks to 'Swanny' Morton in the art dept., at least we know who was nicking all the drawing pins now! Shocking!!

    Gongratulation on a year, here's to many more, those regiments in the first picture are clearly the 'First Try' and 'Next of Foot'