Saturday, 27 August 2011

Strelets dacian cavalry

They got a bit of a bad review at PSR, due mainly to the addition of bods waving falx´s above thier head whilst on horseback...a two handed weapon infantry weapon, and the fact that Dacia didn´t really have much cavalry of it´s these are more likely to be Sarmations.
I painted the standard with a bull´s Head because....well because I couldn´t come up with anything else :-/
Just to say I was on holiday this last week...I had access to a PC until tuesday when   the bloody thing lost contact with the broadband reception....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the recent posts were saved and put on I haven´t been ignoring anyone and it looks like you´ve all been busy so I´ve a lot to catch up on...:-D


  1. A very colorfull bunch of riders! Strelets isn't that bad at all!


  2. Definitely not Iatzges tribe Sarmatians! - they look very Celtic to me!

    Nice figs , well painted as usual though!

  3. Nicely done there Paul, but I'm afraid I have little knowledge of the period. Look good to me though.

  4. Bulls head standard looks the part well done!

  5. Nice stuff Paul. I've got loads of HAT Romans to be painted at some point. I hope they turn out as well as your figures.

  6. Nice work Paul. Standard looks great.