Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Zvezda Catapult

This is a  monster of a scorpian device...I can´t imagine how far it would fire the rocks supplied with the kit, let alone how far the bolts would fly if it were life size and real. !!
I´ve seen a Replica catapult (a re-enactment group) that fired a 40kg rock over 100 meters (they didn´t put it on full tension because of limited space) but it was roughly half the size  the Zvezda model would be if scaled up.
The actual size (it looks big next to a bod) isn´t that far fetched, quite small really...look at this beast!!!
This is a reproduction of a Roman catapult that apparently stood 8 meters tall and weighed 26 tonnes
If when you build it and take care not to glue the elavation support can be put into a downward firing position  (on a castle wall )...........or......
........raised to shoot upwards at a castle wall.
 A lovely little bit of kit...I´ll have to pinch the other from my romans and re-paint it.


  1. Ready! Aim! Fiiiiire! ^^ Nice one, Paul! Great Kit, great Paintjob!

  2. Great model - but that reproduction is monstrous. Must have taken ages to build!

  3. And ther I was waiting for the Ka-Boom!!!

  4. What a monster, nice piece of kit.

  5. Great model well painted - that will have the defenders worried, and its safer for the crews than T.Omkin's bombard!

  6. Fantastic models Paul. They are huge!!

  7. Great piece. I guess sometimes size does matter.

  8. Great build and paintjob Paul! I love how you did the wood!

    I see you have still some old treasures ;-)

    But where is T. Omkins to test it? :-D