Sunday, 4 September 2011

Medieval Tent (How to)

Not the best template that´s ever been made but it´s the best I can do :-D
It´s drawn on A4 and the tent it will make is 5cm´s Tall and 5.5cm´s wide.
Forgive my c**p handwriting :-D

The scale of the tent can be altered by simply extending the dotted lines to the centre point and using a compass to re-create the top and bottom of the "canvas". The same with the roof.
For the long sided tent you´ll need to add another side (where the dotted lines are on the roof part) and adding the half circle for the roof on the other end.(it wouldn´t all fit on the plan I have made) For the walls, you´ll need two pieces, using the number 4 side as a tab.
I´ve tested this template to see if it fits and it does...the bottom tent is made using it. 
Here´s how I make them with the ropes.
Cut out the shape. I´ve got one  made using thick card which I use as a template but this is thin card from a folder divider. Score along all lines to aid folding.
Glue together and glue to the base. I´m using an old CD with paper stuck to the bottom. The tent pegs are old paperclips cut to length, then warmed over a candle and welded into position. (to hold the pieces use pliers!!!!)
Tie thread from one opposing corner to the other. This can be a bit fiddly and I use tweezers to loop the knots. If you do it well, the ropes won´t need glueing.
Add roof, flock or whatever...finished :-D


  1. Good tutorial; fabricating what you could spend money on is in.

    Not clear how to weld the pegs to the mud and get them to stick?

  2. Thanks.
    The pegs are heated then melted to the plastic base. You could use a wooden base and glue wooden pegs to it, but I´m a lazy skinflint and old CD´s being made of plastic lend themselves to the job.:-D

  3. Back of a fag packet plans won WWII mate!Cheers for posting it.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Great article, they certainly look the part!!!

  5. Theres probably not alot that you cant do...nice stuff

  6. You make it look so easy. Great tutorial thanks for sharing!!

  7. Tourney-riffic!

    Sorry...couldn't help myself :-)

  8. That's a great post Paul. Thanks for that.

  9. You make it sound so easy but thanks for the idea.

  10. I can see this method being used for 18th Century tents as well. Even the "bell back" enlisted man's tents. Some basic geometry helps.

  11. I'm going to save that template, thank you. That should save me some time and cash one day! The finished tent looks great...I particularly like the guy-ropes you've added.

  12. Thanks for the template. This will be a good project someday.