Sunday 18 September 2011

Strelets Roman Transport 2

The second set. This time the wagon didn´t need any alteration but I did a head swop on one of the bods, just for fun. Again I´ve painted the set up in a medieval mode..which is pretty easy to do., roman peasants are similar to medieval  peasants. The two Bulls and two donkey/mules that come with the set are to be used in a future project.
The guy in the middle seems to have had a pretty bad fall!!!
Finally, I have a Bob builder ! (from the TV series Pillars of Heaven)
There´s a choice of either a stretcher with a wounded bod or the treasure chest. The bod at the back has had a head swop with one of Zvezdas meideval peasants. It wasn´t really necessary, the original head is perfectly suitable.
The happy couple. The baggage is , as always, toiletpaper.
The whole group on the march.......
...and added to set one, marching off to seek new horizons.
Obviously they have forgotton wether they have  turned  the gas off and are going make sure
I´d like to give a head up for a new Forium, the American Scale model Manufacturer´s forum. The guy who runs it, Chris, is a nice bloke and the Forum covers all scales and get over there and register :-D


  1. Those mules are nice sculpts Paul

  2. Those are really cool figures. I love the variety and colors you gave them. The wagon looks very nice as well.

  3. That about the gas sounds familiar :-D

    You're right, they can be used for more periods, and you painted them up very well!


  4. Another great l;ooking set of figs Sir!!!

  5. Obviously the Huns are coming to drag that many Romans away from their Vino! Great job mate

  6. Another great job, Paul. Both sets together are quite impressive. They will be a nice target for one of your games.

  7. I dint´t like the strelets figures much, but when you get your hands on them they look beautiful! Great job, Paul!

  8. Really nice transport set. The wagon looks very nice.