Friday, 3 February 2012

Medieval assassins and more

Another set of medievals from Alex..this time "special forces" :-D
From Fredericus-rex a Trebuchet crew sculpted by Markus Eckmann. They could be used for any other seige machines, onboard a boat or whatever. The bod picking it´s nose is a great idea
and from Andreas from Kamarzinnfiguren, a viking chief and a viking shield wall

Hello to Fireymonkeyboy from The Monkey that Walks blog. He´s been painting and gaming with minis for over 20 years and has a large range og wargames and minis to look at on his blog.
Hello to James Cotgrave from twitter..thanks for following :-D

The figoblogtheque voting went into another round..5 blogs got the same amount of votes and it´s been extended for 5 more days so..VOTE HERE and if you´re not on thier blog list...get and do so
(PS....I have removed myself from the running :-D)


  1. More top quality from Alex, if ever there was agood reason to get into 1/72 scale he would be it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great Alex work and very good Andi's one!!!
    You're nominated on the "Blogs Awards", Paul ???
    how much did you pay for getting some votes???
    Congrats my friend: what you do and what you share with us is really Great!!!!

    1. Merci beaucoup are a friend :-D
      but I have removed my blog from the vote ;-D

  3. Lovely figures all round (Who knew the Medievals had Ninja!)

  4. Damn as I voted for you, great minis especially the Assassin's Creed types.........

  5. Love the Vikings and those assassins would make great horror cultists too!

    Sorry to see you removed yourself from the running at figgyblog - I love visiting your blog and am always amazed at your productivity. You would be a very worthy winner indeed.
    As it is Angry's 4 billion followers will carry it for him :-)

  6. I like those assassins they look great.