Thursday, 15 March 2012

German peasants 16th century (Command)

Set number 01 from the Germania Fíguren German peasant wars series. I reckon they are a command group, the clothing, feathers in thier hats etc,  look a bit more "I´m in charge"
To show that the metal casts are no different in detail from the Resin ones, ....this lot are a mix of the two materials, and to be honest..unless I pick them up I can´t tell which are which.
Part 5 of the Pirate Cutter. The stairs took 2 attempts to get looking half decent. The hatch is made from thin card with a foam core and  a bit of Flynetting for the grating.


  1. I'm off to find a feather for my hat and then tell the boss what for! ;) They are lovely sculpts, I certainly can't tell the difference. More great progress on the cutter too.

  2. Again you did a great job on these figures Paul. And the cutter looks better and better.


  3. The cutter is coming along really well...avast ye landlubbers!
    I have no explanation why I typed that or this....

  4. Those are lovely sculpts. That ship is coming along nicely

  5. Command... by some not-so-peasant fellows!! :D
    Great figures!

  6. Great work as always,Paul

  7. Great stuff again Paul. And really intrigued to see how the cutter is going to finish up looking!

  8. viva la revolucion...
    I need not translate except into german but I do not know how to say it in german so any way
    un buen trabajo
    also I cannot translate that into german but you get the point.
    Long live the revolution
    a good job

  9. Beautiful figures complimented by an outstanding paint job.