Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Norman Cavalry (Art Miniaturen)

These Art Miniaturen metal Norman Knights were a present from Wolfgang Meyer,  the creator of the Croeburn 1813 dio.
They had no weapons, shields or nags but that wasn´t a problem. The only small problem was getting them to stay put on the horses. I solved it by putting a small blob of clear  Silicon onto the saddles. The same to attach the shields.
The horses are from the HaT El Cid cavalry, the shields from Zvezda livovian knights set and the Spears are self made using florists wire.

They fit well with the Strelets and the HaT period knights. I haven´t based them yet as I am considering rebasing the whole Norman army so far for Impetus.

The sword was  sourced from the spares box..it´s plastic but exactly which set it came from..I can´t remember

My favourite pose....he really looks like he´s going to lance an enemy down.
A small intro to the modelling world...a website called Steven´s Miniaturen. Set up by A member of the Valdemar Forum, Steven, he shows his work and W.I.P´s...


  1. Great job converting and painting. He looks to me like he is about to skewer a wild boar for supper!

  2. Great work again Paul, love the conversions. Splendid Sir.

  3. beautiful Normans!!!!!
    I like the red and white colours! the hand-painted shields are perfect! congrats!

  4. For every problem there's a solution! And you did it again, nice conversions and well painted figures!


  5. very nice paul. I would not have ecpected these guys after your recent works

    1. No-one expects the spanish inquisition....damm..wrong era :-D

  6. What a lovely gift for you Paul and you've done a bang up job with them. I clicked on the link for the shop and they have some fine pieces. I really like that Punic War Elephant, the Special Edition falcon and those Cro-Magnon were really unique.

  7. Good work as always Paul. I've been away from the bench for a while. But it's good to be back. Keep up the good work!

  8. A good idea to use the HAT horses, helps safing a lot of money.