Saturday, 10 November 2012

Woodland Indians

A lovely set of Native american indians or as Italeri calls them, "Indian warriors"
Ok, the titel is basically fine but, not really wanting to be picky, there is another country on another continent called India.
The range of poses (16) gives this set a lot of "movement" but still any collector wants more, so these will have to be supplemented  with the Nikolai set and hopefully Imex will release thier long promised Mohawk Indians at some point.  

I didn´t go wild on decorating them up with bright colours...the bod with the light blue shirt was bad enough as far as hiding in the woods is concerned, and I didn´t want a hollywood style ...more the IMHO, the more  realistic appearance of the indians in The Last of the Mohicans film. If anyone hasn´t seen it..the ambush scene has to be one of the best battle scenes ever made.

The set divides roughly into two types of haircuts...the longer haired bods.(Onedaga?).....
...........and those with Shaved sides..... (Hurons?, Mohicans?, Irokesen?...Ok..... Iroquois)
The only conversion possibilty  I´ve so far found
Anyway, this lot will take up life in the woods and hills of Bodstonia.
Kick me for forgetting. These were kindly sent to me by Michael from Dalauppor blog ann they, along with the Italeri AWI bods were the Kickstart to the Bodstonia Imag-Nation. Again, many thanks Micheal :-D
And a long term project, the little Roman  island   "Scalpere Aedificare"
So far, only the dock and a couple of warehouses have got beyond the planning stage.
It will be populated entirely with  roman bods from Strelets / Linear-b,
The latest two sets contain adult scenes, especially the Roman Port set, which is exclusive to Linear-b and is only for sale to over 18 year olds.
It will, when it´s finished, have a scratchbuilt cargo ship in the port, a shopping street, tavern (in a cellar?) some living houses, and maybe a market, wine garden and other bits and pieces.
 Hello to Spock...from le Figurines de Spock. His Alexander and successor armies are wonderfull....


  1. Those natives look great, Paul. Really like them.

  2. another very good range for Bodstonia!
    difficult to understand all the differences (?) between those tribes! I've tried and can't really succeed .... but it's different in this kind country: maybe they are "Bodshurons" ? who knows, apart you?
    I've bought some BUM's boxes of Hurons ect (+Canadians Trappers).... not sure that the poses are different (except some "special poses") but I can send you a sprue (6 bods) of basic figs...
    I will do a review of the (expensive!) boxes very soon.

    What's about the Roman Island?? I think that I've missed some posts!!! shame on me!

    1. Thanks Pascal.
      I´ll send you a mail about the Rodgers rangers (they are expensive !!)
      The roman island has only just started..nothing missed ;-D

  3. Really good bit of painting, the best ones I've seen on your Blog for me. All very evocative.

  4. As I can see Paul you also you are very productive, I am fascinated by everything related to the Indian I love the work that you have just made on these figurines .

  5. Fantastic work as always, Paul. The warpaint is realistically done. Nice work on those buildings too. Best, Dean

  6. Beautiful warriors. Good job, Paul.

  7. The figures and backdrop make for a stunning picture. Superb painting on these great little figures.

  8. very nice! I've been drawn to this because of the film Last of the Mohicans- agree, it's a must see. It's my favorite movie in fact. Nice job on these :)

  9. Love the native Indian figs, very very nice!

  10. Excellent job on those Indians, I agree the ambush scene in the Last of the Mohicans was brilliant.

  11. Love em Paul! Really nice work.

  12. great job paul! and no I had not seen that scene before but now I have :-)

  13. They look great Paul, lovely job.

  14. very nice, and should keep the Bodstonians very busy.

  15. You can refer to them as Native Americans, it's how they refer to themselves.

    Nice looking figures Paul, the highlighting on the musculature is excellent.

    Your new project sounds ambitious and I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold.

    1. Thanks Anne.
      That was the phrase I was looking for, native Americans...
      The Roman town will take a while...I´m not very good at landscaping :-D

  16. Nice work Paul! :) Good colour selection. :)

  17. The skin tone is fantastic as is their "war colours" (camouflage :-D) Bodstonia is in danger!
    Nice start on that Roman project!